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Mango Automatic Milk Collection System
Software for Milk Co. Op. Societies.

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Product Description

The traditional system of milk collection in the Dairy Cooperative societies included mainly to accept milk by volumes, carrying out fat testing by Gerber method and entering the fat and SNF data manually in the registers. This at times resulted in unreliable data, possible malpractice leading to loss of fat & thereby eroding the confidence of the members

In order to avoid such issues, a unique system to automise milk procurement operations of village milk cooperative society was developed. The Mango Automatic Milk Collection System is an integrated unit, combining different functions of a milk collection center, such as measuring the weight, fat content & providing the price output of the milk poured in the center. The equipment also helps the milk co- operatives / milk collection centers in maintaining summary of milk collected and supplied together with the rate on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. This state-of-the-art equipment is able to process and record 120-150 milk collections per hour. The system comprised of an Electronic Milk Weighing Unit, the Electronic Milk Tester and Computer Unit with Printer.

Objectives: The Mango Automatic Milk Collection System has following objectives.
  1. To increase the efficiency and accuracy of fat testing in milk
  2. To reduce the staff of the society/collection centre through automation.

The sequence of operations require insertion of smart card/identity number, pouring of milk in a weighing container, collection of milk samples at the time of pouring, measurement of fat content and calculation of payment and printing of payment slip.

  1. Saving in quantity of sample milk
  2. Saving of chemicals and detergents
  3. Saving of expenditure on glassware
  4. Saving in stationery and time
  5. Saving in expenditure on staff.